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We follow a simple Triple “A” approach in helping your staff become happier and productive,

  • 01


    Creating awareness by conducting group workshops & Individual sessions

  • 02


    Identifying people / groups who need specific help and offering the same

  • 03


    Measure improvement over a period of time and strategise to augment performance of business

Our Process

How it works

Engagement at work is defined as “a positive, fulfilling work related state of mind”. This perspective refers to a engagement with the feelings of vigour, dedication and absorption. An alternate definition would consider engagement as a general positive attitude towards the organization rather than an attitude towards work activities or role.

Either way, most of the measures attempt to assess various aspects of the engagement such as:

  • Feelings of vigour, dedication and absorption (Utrecht Work Engagement Scale)
  • Intellectual engagement, social engagement and affective engagement (ISA Engagement Scale)
  • Job engagement and organization engagement (Saks)
  • Pride in the organization, belief in the organization, willingness to beyond what is required and an understanding of the bigger picture (IES)
  • Motivation, advocacy and involvement (NHS Employee Engagement attitudes)

Our approach measures the key aspects that drive engagement of employees in an organization, these are as follows,

Autonomy/ EmpowermentAre people able to act on their own authority and innovate on the job
Career progressionAre there opportunities for people to grow and develop in the company?
CollaborationAre they able to work with other teams without barriers and to what extent are people from different backgrounds able to collaborate
CommunicationAre they getting enough info from the company about what’s happening and do they feel they are being listened to
Company leadershipDo they believe in and trust their senior leaders
Pay and BenefitsDo people feel that they are fairly compensated?
Quality of product or servicesDo the people believe in what they provide to their customers
RecognitionDo people feel that they are being recognized and appreciated?
ResourcesDo they have the right tools to do their jobs and that there are enough number of people on the team to have a work/ life balance
Strategy alignmentDo they buy into where the company is going or do they even know?
Supportive managementAre the managers supporting their teams to be successful
Training and developmentDo people feel they have the training they need to do the job?
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Our team of professionals are empowered with state of the art technology built by our creative team! They are a team of passionate professionals who take "Caring" to a different level.

We care with state of the art technology


Amigo is built keeping in mind Simplicity, Effectiveness and Ease of use! Our technology uses the highest standards of security and is designed to scale.

Realtime Employee Happiness Dashboard

Visualise the status of your organization's happiness levels real time

Granular Insights on Employee Wellbeing

Identify areas where focus needs to be there for better results

Text / Audio / Video Chat Anytime, Anywhere

Allow employees to get help on the move at their convenience

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Clinically validated Self-Care content

Localised content by professionals curated for individuals in a professional setting

24 x7 Guidance and Support by certified professionals

Face to face plus online coaching offered by our professionals

Compliance adherence & Reporting

Analysis of data by professionals with interpretations that are action oriented

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